At least I feel that I can find you, not without a phone as before; I can't get in touch with the feeling of losing you. You are my favorite and spiritual pillar in my life. The girl nodded. I promise you never to change your phone number. The girl thought to herself, I don't want to be with you, but I have children The child is innocent! You know my heart, you know? How happy I am to meet such a good man as you in my life! But the child is mine! I can't worry you even if I'm not happy! The grievance in my heart is only on my own. The boy didn't find another girl for three or four years. The girl ran into the boy on the way back to her mother's house. The girl felt guilty to learn that the boy was still waiting for her. She said to the boy, "let him be a memory when he's gone. Don't go on his own way.". But boys don't give up. The girl and the boy said, can't you find the object? Except for me, I don't think you can find the object. Or you'll find one for me to see? The girl wants the boy to find a home. I didn't want him to go on like this, so I froze the boy with a fierce method. At that time, the boy looked at the girl for a long time. They go back to their own space; the boy still goes to the girl's mother's house from time to time to help the girl's mother to do something self serving and take care of the girl's family. Do a filial duty for girls The girl still looks after the young children. They try their best to understand each other's love and achieve their wish with love. Although we can't be together, we really feel the greatness and selflessness of true love. Pain and happiness!